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Secretary Wang inspection briefing

    At 9:00 on March 6Shenze County, Wang Deqing of secretary of county Party committee, deputy magistrate of the leader such as Liu Yu to come to my company survey inspects.  In Liu's work report, Secretary Wang concerns were asked, and Liu to conduct in-depth exchanges.      
    King secretary in his speech to the development direction of our company to be sure, he said Hebei is the first company in 4A zeolite production enterprise, in countrywide ban phosphorus environment, 4A zeolite in the washing industry, occupying the irreplaceable important position, is the green environmental protection industry, having wide development prospect.And asked the accompanying leadership, to support such a business, form the demonstration effect.   
      King secretary in my company's production scheduling center, on is currently building automation detection system showed great interest in.Listened to Liu's introduction and demonstration, King secretary is very happy.And he said, this system the production efficiency has been greatly improved, and the process of overall grasp more intuitive, more convenient, most of our enterprise management efficiency is low, the extensive mode of management relationship, how to do fine, you made a good example.  
   I know I the company immediately to set up a fragrance production companies and network companies, Wang gave sufficient affirmation.He said, my company is a young, vibrant company, in the years of development and efforts of local economy plays a promoting effect.Hope that more companies can be like you so actively explore the road of development, from an industry to many industries, from unitary to multiple, span development.In the market tide, steer.     
   Finally, Wang told me the company puts forward three points of guidance.He pointed out: first, to fully assist and promote Shenze chemical industry chain, concentration of local enterprises.The formation of industrial clusters, forming a fist, to seize market share.Second, to play their own advantages of the management, the enterprises bigger and stronger, to make bibcock enterprise, a model enterprise.The final is in line with the government, improve the investment environment, attract more quality enterprises to invest in the development of Shenze, the early completion of construction of Shenze economic circle.     By 10 a.m., in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, King secretary over to my company's research.

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